What makes our approach different?

well... nothing

This is awkward.

Our approach to marketing isn’t a new or unique one. Just three simple stages - research, strategy and channels.

So, we're not here to tell you how different we are. We don’t have a fancy diagram. And we definitely don't have an acronym for our 'unique process'.

But we don't need them. Good, considered marketing works.

Always has, always will.

Man holding bottle of snake oil

Instead...what makes us, us?

Look, everyone says they do great work. Working hard should be a given for a digital marketing agency, not a point of difference.

So instead - here's what we think embodies Good n' Proper.


Firstly, we talk to you like a human being.

That means no buzzwords, clichés or over-performative language.

We don’t move the needle, we don’t call ourselves gurus and we definitely don’t spend our days picking low-hanging fruit.

what we
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Genuinely strategic

We’ll only recommend an approach that fits your brief.

That means we won’t convince you to use a platform just because it’s flavour of the month, or because it’s all we know.

We’ll do our research and recommend a plan that'll both give your audience what they actually want and achieve your business goals.


We’re a small, easy-to-get-hold-of team who are always happy to help if we can.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with because it makes a difference.

We're not here to make every project an absolute slog and waste everyone's time. We've curated a positive vibe and we're protective of it.

How did we end up here?

Good n' Proper started in May 2023, but we've been together much longer.

Before GnP, we were the marketing team at a digital consultancy for several years, before Phil bought the department to form a totally independent digital marketing agency. So the same, but different.

Now we're a team of six content and paid media specialists, and counting. While we get our act together and sort proper photos, here's a totally natural headshot of Phil instead.

Phil from Good n' Proper
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